Juices for Health

We have probably all heard that juices are good for us but what many people may not realize is that the store bought juices are not really included in that. The store bought juices are processed which means that during the making of them, allowing them the ability to be on the shelf for a while, all their valuable nutrients are lost and so they do not provide much of a health benefit to us. Freshly, home-made juices on the other hand, certainly can be very nutritious and therefore a great benefit to our health.

Adding freshly juiced fruit or vegetables to your daily diet can be one of the best things for our health and so getting into a routine of making juice on a daily basis is certainly well worth the effort it takes to make the juice. At one time of course, it was necessary to make juice with a manual juicer but with today’s technology, an electric juicer is available, in fact there are many electric juicers available, so many that if we were to buy one, we would probably have to seek advice as to which one to buy for our own particular situation. To get this advice we could visit a review website online where they will probably give us their top ten choices but if we did that we would have to take care to ensure that they were referring to the top ten juicers overall, as there is more than one type.

Apart from there being manual and electric juicers, there are two main types of juicers, mastication juicers and centrifugal juicers. Although all these juicers do of course make juice, they each have different qualities. The centrifugal juicer is something similar to a blender and can quickly produce you a very tasty juice from almost any fruit or vegetable. These are very common as usually they are the cheaper than the mastication juicers but, their cheaper price comes with a cost. The process by which a centrifugal juicer makes juice is fast and there lies its problem. As the process is so fast, it creates a great deal of oxidation and it is this oxidation that makes a juice spoil as quickly as it sometimes does. These are juicers that are therefore usually only bought by people that want one quick glass of freshly made juice and are prepared to make a fresh glass each time. The mastication juicers though, use a slower process and so there is not as much oxidation taking place and so those juices can be made in bulk and stored to drink later. Another advantage of the mastication juicer is that during the juicing process, it causes fewer nutrients to be lost and so is therefore perhaps healthier than a centrifugally made juice. Either though is far healthier than any juice you may buy in the store and so making your own fresh juice daily, can be of great benefit to your overall health.