Mental Enhancement

Mental enhancement or improvement in our brain’s capabilities is something that we have probably all wished for at some time in our lives but more than likely, it was when we were at school or in college. Whilst at one time, in order to try and attain our wish, we would be told to sleep well, eat well and take exercise regularly, today there are pills that you can take to avoid all of that. These pills are known as smart pills and they have suddenly become very popular after the release of the movies Limitless and Lucy. Mental enhancement solutions today then, may only be the popping of a pill or two but unlike in the movies, their potential is not limitless. These pills are known to be taken by such acclaimed people as professors and entrepreneurs but most commonly by students. There are today many different types of these so called smart pills and some are more effective than others and whilst some may not have side effects, some do. The reason for this may be that the development of some of the pills was rushed to meet the rapid increase in demand after the release of the movies but whatever the reasons; some pills have been reported as having side effects which include nausea, headaches and insomnia. The original idea of a smart pill was though to provide a pill that could enhance the capabilities of the brain, without any side effects long term or short term but at least some of these pills do not fulfil the second part. It may be though that none of these pills actually fulfil the second part fully as, studies have not been carried out or at least reported, on the long term effects these drugs may have on a brain which is still in the development stage. Although this concern does not seem to have been taken too seriously, it perhaps should be as the brain is still developing up until the age of 25. This means that the vast majority of people taking these smart pills are college students who are obviously younger than 25 and so their brains are still developing. Some countries may be taking this concern more seriously than others though as, in some countries these pills can only be bought legally with a prescription and in somewhere like the UK, illegal use of them could mean as much as 5 years in jail. However, regardless of whether or not a prescription is needed, these pills seem to be readily available for college students who are unlikely, due to their age, to be prescribed them. Obviously when a high demand was created or these pills, any current drug dealers would have expanded their list of services but even so, perhaps some of these pills are being over prescribed and that is leading to there being ample available on the streets and in colleges. Perhaps students should spend more time sleeping and exercising and less time looking for pills that may do them long term damage.