Taking Dietary Supplements

The taking of dietary supplements seems to be something that is recently on the increase but are they really necessary? The majority of dietary supplements are for essential amino acids which, although these amino acids are necessary for the body’s health, do they have to be taken in the form of a supplement?

To deal with the second question first, the answer is perhaps. There are two types of amino acids which our bodies need, the first are amino acids which the body itself can produce in adequate quantities to keep us healthy. The second type is known as essential amino acids and these are the acids which the body cannot produce for itself. Obviously if the body needs these acids yet cannot produce them, we have to introduce them to our bodies via our diets. Although of course we could take dietary supplements to ensure our bodies get enough, there are foods that if we were to eat them, could provide enough of the acid for us to be healthy without further supplements. Although all fish are considered to be good providers of the essential amino acids our bodies need, cold water fish can provide the most: fish like herring, salmon and mackerel. Probably the biggest users of these supplements are vegetarians that do not eat fish and so they incorrect think they have no other way of getting these essential acids. However, they are wrong because other foods like broccoli, spinach and some other leafy green vegetables can provide them, as can whole grains, eggs, olive oil and nuts. So, although it may be obvious that we need these acids, it is also obvious that if we dieted correctly, we would not have the need for any supplements.

In dealing with the first question I must point out that there are a wide variety of dietary supplements and each is said to have its own benefits. This means that only a general answer can be given and that answer is no, we do not necessarily need dietary supplements to get whatever nutrition the supplement may be for. All of the things that are present in a dietary supplement are also available naturally through one food or another and so we only need to change our diets in most instances. There are perhaps some exceptions though and one of them may be a top alpha brain supplement provided by the company Onnit. This is a supplement which has been especially formulated with a cocktail of different ingredients that can improve the power of our brains. Taking the supplement can lead to better memory and the ability to focus better. However, even if this supplement can or does work, many supplements are associated with detrimental side effects and so, before we take one of these supplements which may be available over the counter, we should still check with our doctors to see what dangers may be associated with us taking it. This is something that should be followed whichever supplement we are considering taking.